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Hello good people's Lot of people asked in mail that how central or reserve bank manages inflation , money supllies in practical. So you are going to learn all these way by which government do this So our topic is How reserve bank controls supply of money in economy of country Or How centrel bank control inflation rates and investment in industries So first of all we have to understtand how inflation happens , so it is basic thing that if case quantity in market increases then it results that buyers are ready to pay more amount for certain product and services. Does is demand increases then price increases.let me give you an example assume that someone is selling a land area and there are three buyers for an average price of 10 lakh in normal economy Now if ke sellability increases then buyers can pay more amount than actual price i.e. 11 or 12 lakh something here inflation is happened because the price of same plot increased due to cash availability. There

Smart ways to invest in fixed deposit fd

Hello all all good good readers . I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot by last 2 blogs. In our last blog we learned about risks involved in investing money by lending it to someone through P2P companies and without. Now now there are lot of risks involved and fruits are possible in this. So I am sharing you the way by which you you can invest in safest possible way a with fixed amount of investment , return , rate and time . So we are going to have all details of FD known as fixed deposit. HOW YOU CAN INVEST MONEY IN FD OR  FIXED DEPOSIT So FD or fixed deposit is a way of investment or financial instrument provided by banks and verified banking operations for higher interest rate and safer than savings account. So basically FD's our financial instrument in which your money is locked for a decided time and you get fixed interest on it. but the best thing about fixed deposit is you cannot withdraw money before decided time hair fixed deposits vary from 7 days ,15 days to

Economy bridge investment through P2P lending platform

Hello, all good people! Welcome again to a new chapter of your financial knowledge. I hope these blogs are increasing your financial knowledge and making your money work for you. So, now coming to the point, in the previous blog, I wrote about investing money by lending it to someone and shared various merits, demerits, and risks involved. Today, we will talk about investing money in peer-to-peer websites, also known as peer-to-peer money lending platforms INVESTING THROUGH P2P MONEY LENDING OR PEER TO PEER MONEY LENDING PLATFORMS MONEY LENDERS MEET WITH BORROWERS OR BUSINESSES IN NEED OF MONEY ON A PLATFORM CALLED PEER TO PEER MONEY LENDING. For better understanding, here is a picture explanation of this system below. Most of these platforms are online, so in an online peer-to-peer lending platform, the lenders can choose the expected interest rate and time to get their money back, and they can also choose the need, interest rate, tenure, etc. The system mat