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Smart ways to invest in fixed deposit fd

Hello all all good good readers . I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot by last 2 blogs.

In our last blog we learned about risks involved in investing money by lending it to someone through P2P companies and without. Now now there are lot of risks involved and fruits are possible in this. So I am sharing you the way by which you you can invest in safest possible way a with fixed amount of investment , return , rate and time . So we are going to have all details of FD known as fixed deposit.


So FD or fixed deposit is a way of investment or financial instrument provided by banks and verified banking operations for higher interest rate and safer than savings account.

So basically FD's our financial instrument in which your money is locked for a decided time and you get fixed interest on it. but the best thing about fixed deposit is you cannot withdraw money before decided time hair fixed deposits vary from 7 days ,15 days to 7 years , 10 years. Higher the fixed deposit maturity tenure higher the interest rate on it. The interest rate may vary from 3 % to 12% per annum
But the worst part of FD is liquidity issue. The money is is locked and unusable for a specific period of maturity time of FD. We can vidroh or break the FB but we have to suffer monetary loss from it . Hence we cannot invest emergency funds on fds  as these financial instrument if about by some hard rules . But but it is best effusion in an emergency fund and you want to earn some interest in find all your savings account safest way. you can invest that amount which doesn't have any use for your  planned time and time. for an example if you have any amount of triangle Exide for batteries college expenditures after three years that means that money doesn't have any use for upcoming 3 years . So you can get money for 3 year FD plan and compare various Bank to get at least 7 to 8% return
Taking 7% as base interest your profit will as follows .

So total money you get after 3 years is
1210000   = 1000000      + 210000

Then Saturn is if you change to remove waste your interest on FB again then your profit will be as follows.

So total money you get after 3 years is
1225043   = 1000000      + 225043

but the best part of with this is your money is saved but wait the rate of FD may change as repo rate increases or decreases but it doesn't change much basically it can change up to 0.25% maximum.I will make a separate blog on how repo rate changes and control inflation and over all Economy so you can understand it as it controls a big part of economy.

Bank uses this money to find businessmans and individuals with term loans. Basically they earned interest on our money acting as third party. Dev matches 3 years loans with 3 year FD.

Slp plants are also and addition of fixed deposit in which you can invest in installment but interest rate here is comparatively low.
Usually in India interest is paid on every three months from the date of the deposit
(e.g if FD account was opened on 15th February then first interest installment with be paid on 15th May). The interest is credited to the customer savings account it or send to him by cheque. You can choose to reinvest interest in FD  if you does not have liquidity issue of your invested amount. Which type of address in which we invest interest are called communicative FD.generally when we apply for FB a contract is signed by us to not withdraw money before maturity of FD. So banks have legal rights to deny breaking the FD but they don't deny because Bank finds a way to earn from customer in this. So they charge a penalty aur cuts interest and and earns from I had explained and clear all the things about this so let's learn about how you can start


Firstly decide how much maximum money you can invest for how much time. Remember that invest that money only which doesn't matter for you for that fixed and you're so that you don't have to face penalty charges.
Then follow these points

1) fix amount did not matter for you for that specific time

2) then compare online first there are various tools available on internet. Deccan compare and find best FD for you with maximum interest rate for required tenure and so results of banks giving them.

3) you should contact to bank and enquire for FD options available there

4) after all the step compare and invest with best option available there.

PRECAUTION -you should read all the terms and conditions of contract properly.

CONCLUSION - FD is one of best financial instrument to invest risk free money but you have to compensate with liquidity but here is a good news that you can get loans on fixed deposits with CIBIL even you can get loan of higher amount than the value of FD after maturity. But we should invest wisely and should never invest emergency and medical funds on fds as there is no liquidity there.


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