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How to earn or invest money by lending it to someone in legal way

Ways to invest money or how to Invest money by lending it to someone on intrest in market

If you are curious about stock market investment of money tax benefit etc. then remember the name of this blog it will be going to a lot of beneficial on way of your financial knowledge and wisdom.

So let's start financial freedom life segment.
Investment is most important part of our life. It will take us 2 life if we want to fulfill our some dreams with salary only . So it is important that you know about investment and learn to do investment in market .
So basically investment is putting your money work for you other than the work which you do to earn money , like fds, mutual funds, bonds , giving money to someone on interest, investing in public and private company etc. The all of above mentioned things differ from each other and have different return on investment with different level of risk. So we will talk about lots of ways to invest money.

So giving money to friends or known persons on intrest for purpose of investing it

This is riskiest form of investment in which you are giving your money to someone on interest on behalf of your own trust without optimising his financial potential . In financial world Trust is a risk in itself. Risk is there if the parties unable to pay . In this condition you even don't have legal right to take back your money through hard steps. only way is to file case for complaint so if you are going to give money on someone in interest make sure that the person have liquid funds or solid fund . You can take one safety measure is dead take a signed cheque from him so that you can take legal procedure fastly.

Being a good soul we should also have soft corner for second party for example if he had made a commitment that he will pay on this date and not able to pay then consider it for some time give him some time to pay you .As legal procedures always affect both parties economically ''also "

So as our team research globally about rules of lending money to someone legally . We came to know that government of each country fixed certain rule for this on a basic research in America, India, Pakistan ,Bangladesh, Nepal and some Asian countries we find this

Common rules for lending money on intrest base

1.) the person have to take some type of registrations for lending money by the regulating Bank of his country.there are different rules for different countries so you can take a research on Google for it

2.) The person can take maximum of 25% return on monthly basis but rule change from country to country and even state to state in India , Pakistan and Bangladesh.

3.) He or she must not be minor aged.

4.) You must be registered as non Banking Finance nbfc by regulating Bank of country if you are making an average of 70% income through this way .

5.) Money should be legally earned and also be used in legal ways by party taking money.

6.)On some Countries there is rule so that you can lend upto 10000 without any registration.

There are so many rules for this so you can coming down if you have any query .

Conclusion - It is one of best ROI giving investment but it contains a big level of risk also. So wisdom is lend money to someone after making proper documentation. So that you can take back your money .

so I hope you are well known about how you can use your money to earn money through way of giving money on interest to someone I will explain second way to earn money on next blocked so you subscribe to this blog and bookmark it

Enjoy you are now one step ahead in financial knowledge let comment if you have any query.

Read our. next blog on topic investing money through peer to peer money lending platforms by clicking here. This way is a bit risk-free and comfortable as comparing to lending it to known person. So read it quickly


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