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earning money from real estate by flipping or trading

How to do real estate trading or flipping of property guide by economy bridge

hello dear readers hope you are enjoying all lessons of investement . This blog is about investing money through buying and selling property or land and taking a profit margin between them or in simple words it is

how to do property or real estate  flipping work or trading

Population is increasing exponentially .Increasing population will need more food and shelter . businesses need more space and land area . So trading and investing in real estate is safe game from the view of long term . There are many direct and indirect ways to invest in real estate .
here i will explain about earning money from real estate by flipping aur trading so first of all we have to understand what is real estate trading so let's start

Real estate trading is buying property in potential areas and then selling it on Profit directly or after renovation it for short or long term or simple words real estate trading is buying property on behalf of buyer and seller.

Real estate trading or flipping needs lot's of quality experience and wisdom
Valuation of property is first quality which have to be in traders blood and mind to run profitable business. The wisdom of real estate trading lies in trading on less margin. In place of earning big money on single trade try to get small profit on multiple trades so you can trustworthy and profitable for clients and customers . If you will minimize margin for yourself the customers will be benefited from it. The other way of income in this is to make big ticket sales.
Basic of real estate trading or home flipping

For cutting big ticket sales renovating property is a way better. Real flippers do not renovate ,repair properties but who wants to become real flipper.we just want cash. For property trading or flipping you have to be chance digger mindset. Chances are in air in real estate trading market. If you have connections with other traders then there are chances of creating small consumeral monopoly market and pump prices of  whole  city market  real .These types of things happen in real estate Market


1)) REAL FLIPPER -This type of traders just buy property and sell it on small profit it may very from 100 dollar to 1000 dollar net profit according to monetary value of property.

There is another category of flipper who do not use their own capital for trading. They are different because in normal flipping you have to buy property from client but in this you are just working as commission agent or marketing agent they just meet buyers from sellers on fixed commission basis.

  • 2) TRADING + RENOVATING - They are actually investors with short term reason vision. They buy potential property in any area with opportunity then renovate it and marketise it to buyers and earn margin on them. the amount of margin is high as comparing to flipping as investor is adding value  in property.

How you can make money by buying and renovating propertyby economy bridge

higher Investment capital and business backup amount is required in this for gaining contineous profit and to be live in market. existence as trader might be in danger if you try to touch multiple deals in specific time period because cash is running this business and you cannot live in market without cash.

  • 3) LONG TIME REAL STATE - Normally it is about 1 or 2 years long .

Real estate property holding and flipping by economy bridge

Trader buys properties in different areas for time and then sell it after profit or loss. This type of trading requires far vision mindset and lumpsum money in pocket.



By continues effort marketing and chance finding mindset you can earn significant return in shorter time frames. doing deal is easy if economy is good as there is cash everyone's pocket but for buying worst economic conditions are best for you if only you have cash in your pocket. 

" Evaluating price and value of property is key of this market if you can master this then you can master whole real estate business. "


The bed part of real estate trading is that capital got his hitchen if there are more deals live. It depends on amount of liquid cash available.
You cannot be a flipper by want to be one . you have to understand market ,commercial scenerio of economy and valuation power to calculate deal prices. In time of money crisis the value of property decreases at high rate so you can buy property at that time.price of property always depends on buyers there thoughts and cash in there wallets. Hot market can cool unexpectedly , leaving short-term traders with losses and long term traders with headache.


You will need hard cash and vision mindset. You can take help of flippers or traders in your city. You can master anything by contineous practice . If you have passion to learn than you will find many opportunities in environment . You can work as property sales agent in city . Where earning per plot is 8k to 20k as size. You will learn two main things marketing and pricing. art of valuing Property comes with time so experience matters a lot in this field. Experienced person in real estate is gem.  you can learn some strategies and ways to deal and can also learn them online. there are  hundreds of instagram and youtube famous personalities who are teaching free of cost you can research it on internet them. Alpha home fliping and many channels are in social media platforms you can get lot of experience from all these ways. So try to get as much as experience of sales ,marketing, price evaluation from as much as people and others ways as possible . So in summary analyzing and evaluating is key required to profitable and successful in real estate.

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