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Things you must do as intraday stock market trader

THINGS YOU MUST DO OR KNOW  AS AN INTRADAY MARKET TRADER As intraday trading is one of the riskiest and fastest  way of earning capital . You can earn crores daily if you can predict market movement of next five minutes . So if you want to do trading or already doing day trading  then you should know things you musy do or know as an intraday trader ( 1) MULTIPLE SCREENS. - Some instagram trader  and youtubers say that it is not necessary to have multiple screens  ,multiple windows , you can do it by mobile only . but that is not for all conditions . multiple screens might not needed for trade but they are necessary for consistent profit in market and trading and if you are working on low hard cash and high leverage so accuracy is most important thing . Market and economy is the reactive thing . Market reacts from other market  so you have to look on all market so that you can predict market movements and make instant decisions . "PROFIT IN INTRADAY MARKET

Stock market for beginners , company listing and timing

STOCK MARKET FOR BEGINNER'S Hello dear readers of Economy bridge I hope that you had learned a lot from all of my previous blogs . Our ultimate aim through these blogs is keep updated about all the financial instruments present in global market and know risk, rewards in deep and simplest possible way. Analyzing and forecasting  each and every news updates is necessary if you have invested capital in any sector or industry . In past we had learned about risks and all the things of Investing in peer to peer lending companies , lending money to someone  , depositing in banks , Investing in real estate by all the possible ways like owning , Investment groups and flipping . We had also learned about central banks or ruling entity control cash availability in public market and controls inflation and loan rates through repo rate and reverse repo rate. But we leaved an important market which is share or stock market . So this blog will cover Usefull information for beginners of stoc

Best ways to invest your money , money market fund 2021

Hello readers hope you are doing well , this blog is summary  type of all previous blogs . To invest your money by best ways or best money management ways Here you will understand previous discussed investment options there pros ,cons and comparison. So here we are giving a quick summary of all previous blog topics. INVESTING MONEY BY LENDING IT TO SOMEONE There are many financial and non financial benefits of this type of investment like comparatively high interest rate and pleasure of giving help to relative or friends with profit as well as there are some risks on this Investment like security of money , transaction without documents etc. It can ruin your relationships with relatives, friend or mutual friends. On an ideal situation we will get about 12 to 20 % return per year.For detailed knowledge about that click on link given ↘️ INVESTING MONEY BY LENDING IT THROUGH PEER T

Real estate investment club and group || Real estate entrepreneur

Real estate investment club and group  || Real estate entrepreneur hello dear readers hope you are enjoying all lessons of investement . This blog is about investing money through buying and selling property or land and taking a margin between them Population is increasing exponentially .Increasing population will need more food and shelter . Businesses need more space and land area . So trading and investing in real estate is safe game from the view of long term . There are many direct and indirect ways to invest in real estate . Here I will explain about investing money in real estate through real estate investment groups .so let's start Investing capital in real estate investment group is like crowd funding . Real estate is safest possible investment from risk aspect . As this sector is boom in itself from the time when started using currency for exchange. There are some other factors also which confirms it's less risk factor  like increasing population, globalisation