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Stock market for beginners , company listing and timing


Stock market for beginners by economy

Hello dear readers of Economy bridge I hope that you had learned a lot from all of my previous blogs . Our ultimate aim through these blogs is keep updated about all the financial instruments present in global market and know risk, rewards in deep and simplest possible way. Analyzing and forecasting  each and every news updates is necessary if you have invested capital in any sector or industry . In past we had learned about risks and all the things of Investing in peer to peer lending companies , lending money to someone  , depositing in banks , Investing in real estate by all the possible ways like owning , Investment groups and flipping . We had also learned about central banks or ruling entity control cash availability in public market and controls inflation and loan rates through repo rate and reverse repo rate. But we leaved an important market which is share or stock market . So this blog will cover

Usefull information for beginners of stock market Name of stock exchanges ,

how companies are listed in stock market NSE and BSE

Timing or sessions of indian stock Market in detail

Compratively Most of Investment capital exist in this market . This is biggest game happening in Investment market and said to be king of Investment . Every country have his own stock exchange , millions of money is invested by crores of traders and investors in thousands of big scale companies like tata , reliance , pidlite , wipro , bhartiairtel etc.
The share market Investment is one of prime way of investing because of full liquidity of money , faster results and no boudations . But this is riskiest of all Investments only seconds will take to zero your whole Investment . Thus big rewards comes with big risks. So you have to know depth of river and your  swimming capicity before diving in it.


Name of famous stock exchanges by

(1) NAME- New york stock exchange(NYSE) , COUNTRY- USA , MARKET CAP.- 22923 USE BN


(3) NAME- Japan Exchange Group(JPX) , COUNTRY- , MARKET CAP.- 5679 USD BN.

(4) NAME- London stock exchange(LSE) , COUNTRY-USA  , MARKET CAP.- 4590 USD BN

(5) NAME- Shanghai stock exchange(SSE) , COUNTRY- China , MARKET CAP.- 4026 USD BN

(6) NAME- Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK) , COUNTRY- Hong Kong , MARKET CAP.- 3936

(7) NAME- Euronext  , COUNTRY- Europian Union , MARKET CAP.- 3927 USD BN

(8) NAME- Shenzen stock exchange(SZSE), COUNTRY- China  , MARKET CAP.- 2504 USD BN

(9) NAME- TMX Group(TSX) , COUNTRY- Canada , MARKET CAP.- 2095 USD BN

(10) NAME- Bombay stock exchange, COUNTRY- India , MARKET CAP.- 2056 USD BN

(11) NAME- National stock exchange (NSE) , COUNTRY- India , MARKET CAP.- 2030 USD BN

(12) NAME- Australia stock exchange (ASX), COUNTRY- Australia , MARKET CAP.- 1328 USD BN

So basically each country have their own share based investment system  but these above are some of biggest in terms of market capitalisation . Even some cities have local investmet and funding public organisations. So NSE ,BSE, NASDAQ ,JPX provides a free platform to buy and sell shares from one trader/investor to another as well as they provide convenient facilities for fast and fraudless trade and making good market environment . All of these activities like number of shares, investment capital, trading are regulated by investment exchanges. Every country have some big stock explain exchanges as described above.
In India NSE and BSE are two of biggest stock exchanges with 5000 listed companies in BSE and 1600 listed companies in NSE

How companies are listed in stock market nse and bse

Question- What is listed companies
Answer  - Every busines's capital  shares cannot be publicly traded stock exchanges sets some rules for company to qualify for public investment exchanges see history of company like profit percentage  and net worth of past 5 years of company , minimum issue size must be rupees 10 crore, requirement of minimum security etc.
For details rules of listing in bse you can click on link of bse official site -

But language in these sites for stock market beginners so you can click on this simplified explanation by Moneycontrol-

After listing of company shares are issued or offered to public but these exchanges do not sell that shares directly to public instead they offer them via stock brokers . Brokers or brokrage firms executes buy and sell orders for stock and securities on behalf of public and clients. Stock brokers take commissions for their services and make trading available in mobile ,call and system's and make trading tools for convenience of fast trade and secure Investment.
Each country and exchanges have fixed time for public trading. Each country have different trade time according to time zone.

Trade time of stock market india ,nse and bseTrade time of indian stock market nse bse by

In india trading time for equity market is from 9:15  am to 3:30 pm
But it have multiple sessions , time from 9:00 -9:08 is for order placing , you can place or make orders and can also cancel unexcuted orders of last trading session then time from 9:12 to 9:15 is buffer period or waiting time . Normal trading is done in time from 9:15 to 3:30 PM then closing price is calculated in time of 3:30 to 3:40 . After calculation of closing price traders can place orders from 3:40 to 4:00 and matched orders are confirmed for execution in this time.
So I hope readers have basic understanding of stock market. Stock market Investment is wide topic . In next some blogs we will cover topic of shares issue process and price decision process in detail and other section of stock market ie. Commodity and forex market, So do subscribe as well as follow on other platform to keep updated to latest blogs.


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