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Best ways to invest your money , money market fund 2021

To invest money best ways

Hello readers hope you are doing well , this blog is summary  type of all previous blogs .

To invest your money by best ways or best money management ways

Here you will understand previous discussed investment options there pros ,cons and comparison. So here we are giving a quick summary of all previous blog topics.

Best ways to invest your money


There are many financial and non financial benefits of this type of investment like comparatively high interest rate and pleasure of giving help to relative or friends with profit as well as there are some risks on this Investment like security of money , transaction without documents etc. It can ruin your relationships with relatives, friend or mutual friends. On an ideal situation we will get about 12 to 20 % return per year.For detailed knowledge about that click on link given ↘️


Second is investing money by lending it through peer to peer lending platforms , this process is a bit convenient hassle-free and good in terms of documentation comparing to lending it to known persons or friends, because a platform is working between lender and borrower .The platform have all documentations , legal plans in case of fraud and loan defaults. One big benefit is that you recieve profit or interest amount on monthly basis and interest rate is high as comparing to personal money lending. You can choose interest rate and time of investment tenure as you wish in their platform. On comparing lending money to known person and lending money through peer to peer lending platform p2p's are step ahead from the view of money security and intrest rate. Peer to peer companies are more secure and convenient because of transpancy and proper rule regulations.
detailed knowledge about that click on link given ↘️


Then our third investment instrument  is investing money in FD or fixed deposit. This is most trusted , riskfree and used investing instrument from begining of professional banking era but there are liquidity issues in this investment. You can not withdraw or use money before fixed time period or you can only withdraw it by bearing heavy charges. But important part is that this instrument is totally risk free. Risklessness is reason that this is used by most of peoples. On an ideal condition banks give 7 to  16 % interest yearly. For detailed knowledge about that click on link given↘️


This is big ticket investment instead real estate itself is game of rich players. Real estate is continuous sure shot profit giving investment instrument from many years

We got good ROI % and X benefits and rental income in addition. So owning real estate has three benefits
1) Asset value
2) Rental income
3) Tax benefits
Even without rental income and tax benefits it is best investment in itself because asset value of price of property grows exponentially in ideal economic conditions. It might happen that asset value of property remains flat for few months but it have a records  of past 100 years that it never goes down .This makes it secure asset. For detailed knowledge about that click on link given↘️


Investing money in Real Estate by real estate investment groups is same process as above but it have more than 1 owner in a group.
As we know that real estate is best investment but everyone does not have enough capital or funds and not capable to buy big lands in potential areas. That's the reason investment groups are made to invest big amount in land and property market. Profit and rental income is distributed in member in ratio of their investment . For detailed  knowledge about that click on link given ↘️


This is said to be a business rather than investment instrument as expertise in field is required to invest in it. Sense of evaluation , evaluating price and current cash availability in market is required for getting continuous profit but to do continuous trading you have to take 40% amount as emergency business fund because  you might have to bear loss if you have funding problem at any moment so high amount is required to invest in this.For detailed  knowledge about that click on link given↘️

so after reading  

To invest your money by best ways or best money management ways

detailed blog you can choose your desired financial instrument to invest .There are various factors which every investor should keep in mind before investment. Some of this are security of money , return of investment, percentage liquidity of funds, time period etc. So everyone have different needs from investment but basically you should invest larger amount on secure investment which guarantees security of investment like FD , Real estate projects and plans of banks. Because risks can be Taken on medium amount capital.

So i hope that every single readers of this blog is getting and  gaining financial knowledge and hacks of banking world. Our next blog will be based on one of best business and Investment instrument ie share or stock market Investment and trading. Anyone who does not have any knowledge of stock market can learn from scratch to expert by upcoming blogs. So keep earning do subscribe our blog. Thanku for reading


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