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Use of technology in real estate / property business

Use of technology in real estate or property by economy bridge

Use of technology in real estate or property  business

The current state of the Real Estate Industry is probably increasing towards a development state among various regions. In recent years, the real estate sector saw a good hike in the growth status. First, this happened partly due to property listings that were available to a large number of positive buyers. And this happened due to the listing appearing on a lot of online websites and a large house for sale app companies. Second, the real estate market got a surplus requirement with demands for commercial space procurement, both in the urban and semi-urban locations.
In a sentence, the current state of the real estate industry is on the very urge of growth.

With more NRI or Non-Resident Indian parties being involved, the industry sees a valuable increase in its market size. In the upcoming years, the real estate industry is set to grow to over 65,000 crores with a max expectancy of 1$ Trillion or even more. Investments are very common in these fields that present hope for more growth. 

Real estate supply to India's growing needs by economy bridge

Real Estate Industry: Supply to India's growing needs 

The most common space procurement occurs in the field of office space. The hike in requirement is almost exponential due to increased growth of,
Manufacturer sectors.
Startup companies.
IT sectors/companies.
ITeS, Banking, Financial and Insurance Services.

By the end of 2020, the growth in office space has gone over 30% with an expected investment of 40,000 crores. With this, other categories of spaces like co-working space, private firms are also included in it.

Real estate industry: Housing Estates

A small part of the current state of the Real Estate Industry that gets neglected here is Housing estates. They comprise over 40% of the real estate industry volume and a large sum of investment done with parameters of oversupply. Property Realtor services aren’t as new as it has been earlier. Since now, the real estate industry is just a reach of knowledge and experience.

The concept of oversupply did not see any kind of mention until technology arrived at a certain pace. But in 2021, everybody has a smartphone in their hand.

Anyone can access hundreds of estates within minutes right on their couch without breaking a sweat. The source? Hundreds of house selling websites are already flooding the internet with quality options of estates. That isn’t a neglecting point for anyone interested to buy a home for himself.
This even follows the commercial space sector too.

How many sales did the Housing estate field record?
The sales were huge compared to other parts of previous years. 

Housing estate sales

Housing estates sales: The year 2019

An astonishing amount of over 2.5 Lakh sales of housing sectors was last recorded in 2019. This was not any kind of incident, but a result of indirect marketing and estate offers that boosted the platform like anything else.

Housing estates sales: The year 2019

Among the most common Real estate popular cities, a probable jump of sales hit over 33,000 just alone from July to September 2020. This estimates out to an approximate of 4.0 Lakh sales alone in the same year.

The concept of an Exponential rise in estate sales in the real estate industry exactly means this. But does that mean, the development is held only by itself? No. There are tons of direct and indirect opportunities that made it big to the current state of the Real Estate Industry.

Technology has become a part of the Real Estate Industry
The current state of the Real Estate Industry is much beneficial for house seekers due to the improved range of estate prices and preliminary benefits that every common person can be a part of.

Summary of use of technology in real estate

Technology helped  a lot in expenentionaly growing many industries . Exponential growth in real estate sales has been after arrival of Jio data revolution in India . Everyone have smartphones in there hand which can be used to sale property by listing properties in hundreds of platform available as well as searching property is easy as never before, hundreds of sellers are just a simple  search away from google and verious other platforms .

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