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How to earn or invest money by lending it to someone in legal way

Ways to invest money or how to Invest money by lending it to someone on intrest in market If you are curious about stock market investment of money tax benefit etc. then remember the name of this blog it will be going to a lot of beneficial on way of your financial knowledge and wisdom. So let's start financial freedom life segment. Investment is most important part of our life. It will take us 2 life if we want to fulfill our some dreams with salary only . So it is important that you know about investment and learn to do investment in market . So basically investment is putting your money work for you other than the work which you do to earn money , like fds, mutual funds , bonds , giving money to someone on interest, investing in public and private company etc. The all of above mentioned things differ from each other and have different return on investment with different level of risk. So we will talk about lots of ways to invest money. So giving